Budget Madness in America!

So let’s get this straight. The right-wing Republicans strong-armed by the Tea Baggers want to make whatever irrational mindless changes regardless of the harm to the country and to the world? They basically want to sabotage America so it reflects badly on the man in charge so they can defeat him in 2012? Isn’t that their real bottom-feeder mission? Why else would their proposal include a review of this same fiscal fiasco next year just before the elections? Duh!

So, none of these right-wingers and moronic TBs have any children in schools so it’s OK to slash education budgets that are already way too low? None have any parents or elderly relatives who need their social security and disability checks? None have any friends or relatives that need medicare or medicaid health benefits? None have family or friends who are financially hurting, unemployed, or losing their homes? OK!

And all this so we do not have a fair and balanced approach where the top TWO PERCENT of the wealthiest Americans would have higher taxes – which they can easily afford to pay – since they now have the lowest rates in modern history thanks to the Bushy cuts? OK!

So, the thinking is let’s screw everyone – the kids, the elderly, the sick, the poor, the middle class, the retired, the already in great financial trouble - in order to make the very rich RICHER? Is this correct? Do I have this madness right?

Do you have to be a Martian to see how irrational and idiotic and unfair and hurtful this is? No one learns from history and how all nations decline when social class differences become so separate and unbalanced? How did we get here?

Very simple. This is the result of idiotic, power-hungry, and divisive thinking from people who are simply not very bright and who favor blind ideology over rational judgment! “No new taxes” has been a mindless rant at every election for the last 200 years! And yes this includes everyone from Sarah Palin to Michele Bachmann and to the Becks and Hannitys and Coulters and Limbaughs. These folks used to be very marginalized…a small percentage of biased lunatics we could ignore who were only listened to by the white trash, non-thinking blind followers of America.

Unfortunately, due to a rotting educational system, we’re not getting any brighter…thus, more and more are listening to the angry right-wing fringe who want power at any cost, and the (getting-larger) unemployed blue collar crowd who blame the current president for their woes because it is the easy thing to do when irrational (…and racist for some!) And all of this is leading to the continuing decline of America…a great nation slowly decaying…and hours away from showing the world we can no longer be rational and united. We prefer to force new dumb ideologies (make the rich richer and screw all entitlements) down our throats or go BANKRUPT!

Every single person wants to reduce our budget deficits and get America on a sounder financial future. We can do this rationally and as fairly as possible which one of the brightest and most morally concerned presidents in modern history wants to do…or allow mindless partisanship and bully mentally-challenged to tear America’s heart?

How very very sad for all of us who love our country and had such great hope and promise for the USA to lead the future of the world with our moral intellect and united banner of freedom and trying to always do the right thing…one country, indivisible?

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3 Responses to Budget Madness in America!

  1. Ron Mortara says:

    Agree entirely – you have stated the obvious with clarity and passion. So far, thoughtful and fair-minded men and women are being swept aside by yahoo demagogues who are funded by some very wealthy and some ideologically (a false ideology) inflexible folk who can’t see beyond the end of their noses.
    It has happened before, with dire consequences. And no talk that we inherited all this from Bush II
    and his cabinet. I love this country but am sad to be part of it now.

    • To say that this is all one parties fault is both illogical and false. Let’s face the facts, both sides are playing this politically. Actually, there are probably a select few in both parties who are not. You know those guys, they’re called extremist, or wackos. Was Bush a great president? ABSOLUTELY not. Is Obama any better? Show me the proof. He’s spent more money than anyone with his party in charge. Bush over spent too, which means he didn’t veto enough because the President only signs the bills. We’ve elected people who are simply not qualified in many cases at the highest level.

      The latest of those was born from a speech he read on a teleprompter at the Democratic Convention in 2006. Because he read a speech well, people said, “Wow, he could be president.” No logic in that. There’s no company in their right mind that would have someone with no experience in running any kind of organization, with no experience in creating a job, and hand them the keys to the largest corporation in the world. Nice man. Likeable most of the time. Not qualified in the most remote way. Please share how if I’m wrong. I’m open. But that time has passed. The record is here. Time to stop blaming Bush for everything including Lincoln’s assassination.

      Too many Americans are clueless to what’s going on. What business or family can have a budget of say $100,000 one year, then say they’re going to cut their budget the next year, but spend $105,000? Did you know that’s what BOTH sides do? Yes, they neglect to tell everyone they accounted for inflation and then as long as they go below that, they’re “cutting spending.”

      As for one point mentioned by Guy (and Guy I love your teaching – wish you’d stick to that), about education and cutting it. Come on. It’s been proven year after year after year that more money does not equal better education. Problems and all, the Catholic schools operate at roughly 25% less cost than public schools and have superior results for a wide range of children with a wide range of backgrounds. What is the Dept. of Education telling us that we don’t already know? And what we may not know specifically, any President can pick up the phone and call the boys at Google, Apple, and other companies (the ones that ACTUALLY create REAL jobs….not the government) and ask them “What do we need to teach our children beyond reading, writing, and basic math?” If you don’t get those three, sorry, everything else it moot.

      Cutting out the Dept. of Education would not cause education to decline. You’d probably be shocked. Demanding performance from teachers, giving the ones who perform well executive level pay, eliminating waste, and helping to reduce the number of kids born without parents will help tremendously and not cost more. Basic stuff. Not complex. We’ve tried for years the more money for the sake of more money deal.

      And as far these budget battles are going on, I think it’s the Harry Reid budget that slashes $2.7 trillion over 10 years! Wow! But looking closer, all that money is basically coming from money NOT being spent on wars in the Middle East. So nothing else is being cut. Nice assumption. Wasn’t Guantanamo Bay supposed to be closed right away too? Aren’t we still in South Korea? That’s a fantasy number they’re throwing out, and it’s foolish to think it won’t rain again somewhere else (Libya anyone?)

      But some estimates put the debt interest expense at roughly $450 billion a year. Multiply that by 10 please….$4.5 trillion. So BOTH sides are pulling the wool over your eyes. Look, I could give me best effort to quarterback the Washington Redskins. I could really want to do well. But I would fail. I’m not up for the task. It’s way over my head. And so is what’s going on now for our nice leader. Sorry.

      Perhaps Congress and Senate could convene and vote to not allow a million dollar pension package and health care for life go out to a guy who dresses up in a tiger suit and sexually assaulted an underage girl. Maybe we can start there. Can they agree on that – that it’s completely wrong. And for any “public service” does that clown get that reward? Both sides guys.

      We’ve over spent. The movie is WAY over budget. It’s not working. It hasn’t been working. Let’s stop pretending. And this is coming from someone passionate about energy audits, conservation, organic foods, helping people, and so on. I’ve just found that my dollar, as does others, goes a lot further in helping people than giving another dollar to the government only to get back $.40. Sorry, I couldn’t let these comments go without a little independent voice. I would assume Guy you’re a lock and stock Democrat. I’m an independent. I hope I’ve added a little color to the conversation ;)

      With that said, you’re a good man. And I’m grateful for you.

  2. Estefana says:

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