Blagojevich the Jackass

I don’t get it. We all want the very best doctors to operate on us, the very best pilots to fly our airplanes, but why is the bar so damn low for politicians? For our leaders?

I love my country and I just have to speak out. And yes I know politicians are not presently on anyone’s happy list, but this one is truly a bottom feeder we need to make sure never fools us again.

In recent U.S. history  – say the last century - has there been a bigger loser, a bigger numbskull than the ex-governor of Illinois: Rod Blagojevich? When this guy got caught red-handed trying to “sell Obama’s senate seat” vacated when he won the presidency, he kept saying over and over he did nothing wrong, and when the facts come out, he will be found absolutely innocent. He even talked “the Donald” (another genius but don’t get me started!) into this assumption of innocence when he was flailing his mediocrity on Celebrity Apprentice. He proved to be the biggest mentally-challenged useless player in reality game show history! And that’s saying a lot! He should be a regular on WIPEOUT…would love to see him get clobbered weekly rather than do time in jail!

So now, he was just convicted of 17 (that’s SEVENTEEN) counts of corruption including trying to sell that very same Obama senate seat. What happened, Rod? The papers reported he was “stunned” by these convictions. This guy is so spaced, he believes that no matter how corrupt he was, it’s OK if you’re a governor?  He really thinks he can get away with anything, any lie, and that we’re all stupid enough to believe him…and that he can be as immoral as he wants? He has in the past…he got elected TWICE in Illinois. How is this possible? How can they be so careless in Illinois? How can we be in any state in America?

Earth to Rod…two trials and SEVENTEEN COUNTS, bro! Maybe after 10 years in jail you’ll finally GET IT. It’s not us, ROD…it’s YOU! You are GUILTYYY! You did wrong! You’re a crook!

We need to be much more vigilant and prudent in choosing (voting) our politicians from all parties. We cannot and should not vote for the bottom of the barrel candidates. We should find and demand our best and brightest to run to run our country and represent us in an increasingly complex world?

Let’s at least do our part and raise the bar: no more Rods! No more Arnolds! No more Jesses! And especially, no more candidates like Christine who promised us she was not a witch? No more Sarahs…ever again please! Only the brightest need apply for political office…and yes from all parties! Why is that so difficult for us? Don’t we deserve great smart moral (as in non-lying) leadership?

Mitt Romney recently said that “he” was out of work just like unemployed folks, and of course blamed Obama for his jobless financial hardship. How immoral  is that statement? How big of a lie to us the idiot electorate? Mitt is worth $250 million…1/4 billionaires do NOT look for work…or work any job for that matter…unless it is a super ego job like a governorship or presidency that provides top quality “power heroin” better than any bank account. Why else would he spend $35 million in his 2008 campaign run, and probably double that if he becomes the Republican candidate…for  a job that pays $400K per year?

And the new hottie Rick Perry? Well, every report I’ve heard says this guy is nowhere near as “bright” as the last genius out of the Texan governorship: good ole George. And he’s the “new hope” to unite the Tea Party? Do you see what I’m sayin’?

All I ask is for our elected officials to be as bright as possible and with a steel moral compass so they can be rational and fair in representing all of us. Regardless of your politics, I’m sure we can agree at the very least that President Obama is a very bright guy and we can trust his morality which includes his compassion, and yes I voted for him and will again for those 2 reasons. But has the horrendously harsh media scrutiny of our elective process scared off our brightest and most talented to run for office? Only the egomaniacs (Donald!) and crap for brains (Michele B!) are willing? If so, how sad for America.

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