Guy Magar Dared to Dream About a Film Career

This “dare to dream” memoir is about living the great American dream, an immigrant’s dream to make movies in Hollywood…to be a filmmaker!

Reflecting on an exciting career as a director/writer/producer in television and films, Guy Magar’s passionate and hilarious stories about the movie industry shares “the magic that permeates the air every time I call ‘Action,’ every time I’m in a film edit room, every time I’m working with a composer on a music score.
For me, there is no more magical a career endeavor than making films.”

A True Hollywood Story

With production work spanning over 100 credits from docs to shorts to TV shows to feature films, Guy’s wild and entertaining and unique behind-the-scenes stories range from:

  • his first producer turning out to be a Mafia assassin
  • shooting in Egypt for the original TV series Battlestar Galactica
  • directing a grunting Mr. T on the hit TV show The A-Team
  • almost accidentally decapitating a young Drew Barrymore
  • almost derailing James Cameron’s career (or slowing it down as he proved way too talented for anyone to alter his storied destiny.)

A True Hollywood Romance

Kiss me quick before I shoot has been my welcoming catchphrase to my wife Jacqui whenever she visited on-set, seemingly always just before I rolled cameras. And so this book is also about a deeper magic, the magic of finding a life partner. Falling in love begins when you meet a kind heart, a kind soul, and blossoms into caring for that person more than for yourself.”

Jacqui and Guy were married in a beautifully-costumed Renaissance-themed wedding. “I got to duel in a sword fight to win her hand against stuntmen friends who kidnapped her after she arrived by horse-drawn carriage in front of 300 surprised guests” Guy recalls. “It was my Errol Flynn life moment!”

“Now, 28 years later, I am still head-over-heels in love with Jacqui. But then, suddenly, Jacqui was diagnosed with leukemia.”
And so began a medical journey to find a clinical trial to heal Jacqui. This amazing true story of a successful cutting-edge stem cell transplant at City of Hope will contribute to future medical healing protocols in America.

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