Save Our Great Resource: TEACHERS!

Yeah, I know every federal, state, and city is trying to cut expenditures and limit the gigantic amount of waste our “fatty nation” is funding, but we should never sacrifice our teacher pool in the process. In Los Angeles alone, more than 2,000 school employees may lose their jobs as part of a $400-million budget shortfall. I say NO to that!

We need more money – not less – to 1) reform our teacher qualifications, and identify and get rid of the worse 15% of teachers who live off the system and became teachers because it was not hard to make the grade, and 2) give a big raise to the legit 85% who are dedicated and talented, and double their numbers which will naturally happen when salaries are boosted.

We should not allow layoffs at schools or attack their pension funds. Instead, we should nurture educational districts, their staff, and our teachers…make public schools “good” again. We need a much smarter and savvier set of high school graduates to compete with a fast-advancing world and keep America the leading nation we have been. We need a much smarter use of our tax moneys and make sure we increase, not decrease, the salaries and benefits of teachers and make that profession one of our most valued and respected.

When did it start to go wrong when it’s OK to pay less than median average salaries to our teachers but give Kobe $25-million a year to give us attitude and yes some great basketball? When did our priorities as a nation get all out of whack? And right-wing Republicans want to screw education (along with social security and medicare) rather than raise taxes on the very rich? WHAT??

So layoff the layoffs for teachers…get rid of their worst, and encourage their best…and nurture one of our greatest resources. This is crucial to America and our future, and way overdue…we can do this! Commit to make this happen wherever you live!

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  1. Guy first of all I want to congratulate you for your new book, which
    I’m sure must be so much fun to read. I’m sure you had an amazing time
    Going back in time digging in every corner of your past.
    In regards of the teachers’ comments you are fully right, this is something
    That must be stoped. It’s a cancer that is killing the society by the minute
    No matter whether is reps or dems, both have done so much damage
    to education that to be honest, it will take more than just complaining to get a real solution.
    I just hope they are stoped before it is too late.
    Congratulations, Guy once again keep up the great work.
    Albert C. (

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