BOOM! End of American Civilization?

As I noted in my memoir, for me, the TV show WIPEOUT is the symbolic beginning of the end of American civilization. Whatever smarts we had, whatever dignity we had, it went out the backend sphincter of this show. To clobber and smash and bruise and cheer for people to literally physically “wipeout” was a new low in programming and certainly its footage must be in use as a recruiting video for Al Qaeda! If you were at war with us, wouldn’t you be encouraged by seeing what idiocy is a prime time hit in America?

Well, now there is a new show that makes WIPEOUT look like chump change in the world of reality TV land insanity: 101 WAYS TO LEAVE A GAME SHOW. Have you seen this thing? Forget bruising and clobbering…let’s come as close to killing contestants as we can…for $50K of course! Let’s just blow those suckers up! I guarantee you this will be a ratings hit and kudos to ABC. Congrats to the Stuntmen Association for tons of prep work here to come up with stunts to scare the livin’ crap out of these contestants as they lose and exit the game show…but not quite kill ‘em!

Along with the Tea Party and inane right-wing Republicans paralyzing our country’s progress, this show is the symbolic beginning of the decline of the American golden age! BOOM!

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